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CLOSED: Tuesday, July 4, 2023 in observation of Independence Day.


Mulch & Soils

We have a wide variety of mulch and soils to choose from.








Estimated coverage:

  • Mulch – 100 sq ft per cu yard @ 3″ depth
  • Top soil / Fill dirt – 100 sq ft per cu yard @ 2″ depth


Our Mulch products include:

Premium Hardwood - Natural Brown Color.
$26.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Color Enhanced Coco Brown - Dyed in Coco Brown
$39.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Color Enhanced Dark Brown - Dyed in Dark Brown
$39.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Color Enhanced Black - Dyed in Black.
$39.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Color Enhanced Red - Dyed in Red.
$42.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Eastern Aromatic Cedar - A light brown with natural red strands that is pet friendly and bug resistant; also has the same great cedar smell in cedar chests and closets.
$54.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Certified Playground Chips - IPEMA certified playground chips that meet ASTM F2075-15 and F1951-14 specifications for all children playground areas and resists splinters.
$42.95 / cubic yard (bulk)


Our Soil products include:

Nebraska Compost - High in nutrients and great for gardens, new lawns and landscaping projects. Made from composted yard waste.
$65.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Top Soil - Our sandy loam top soil is great for landscaping projects including re-starting and filling low spots in your lawn as well as gardens. When measuring the amount needed for top soil, you need to add 20% more to compensate for settling/compression.
$44.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Fill Dirt - Fill Dirt is what you use when trying to fill an area with a volume of soil. Fill dirt is not screened soil, and will have chunks and probably roots of various plants as well as an occasional rock. Fill dirt is not for garden beds or to be used in potting plants.
$29.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Top Soil / NE Compost Mix (50/50) - A 50/50 blend of top soil and Nebraska Compost. Great for gardens, over-seeding, flower pots, etc.
$55.95 / cubic yard (bulk)
Organic Top Soil Bags - Premium blend of organic matter plus peat moss. Great soil for all-purpose planting, seeding, filling and leveling. Features Sphagnum Peat and organic soil material. Coverage is .75 cubic feet. Bag weight is 33 lbs.
$6.95 / bag
OmaGro Compost Bags - Oma-Gro® is a natural compost product made exclusively of grass clippings, leaves, and ground wood. These ingredients are scientifically blended with water and air to create the right environment for the microbes responsible for natural composting. Constant monitoring is performed on all composting materials to ensure a product of consistent high quality. Coverage is 1.0 cubic feet. Bag weight is 42 lbs.
$4.95 / bag